Corporate Investment Business (CIB)

Opportunities for corporations across the globe

The Strategy of multiple growth of your Business

We provide expertise in corporate finance, access to the global capital markets and different types of fundraising. That helps our corporate customers to increase their performance, unlock value and realize the potential. Investment Bank creates the opportunities and helps to find out capabilities including solutions for:

Shareholders & Beneficiaries

Shareholders & Beneficiaries

Board of Directors & Management

Board of Directors & Management

Investment Relationships

Investment Relationships

Mergers and Acquisitions

Freedom Finance Bank provides advice on a full range of transactions, including mergers, sales, acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, joint ventures, spin-offs, and other restructurings.

We focused on cross-border deals, consolidations and difficult cases. According to this we provide the most important strategic decisions that help to solve the break between current worth and future value and find out synergetic effect.

Our advantage is combination of deep expertise in different sectors, unique experience on both domestic markets and worldwide and the global view.

Mergers and Acquisitions


We are Private Equity Investor with long-term strategic view. We seek and apply buy-and-hold strategy to businesses. Our Strategy includes different stages: private equity, syndicate bank loans, debt and high-yield bonds, IPO’s on global markets. We are able to combine different types of capital and sizes of investments together with a predictable annual cash flow yield.

Freedom Finance Bank located in the key financial points across the globe and it helps us to structure cross-border bargains and consolidate the capital from different regions.

Using derivatives and convertibles helps us to improve on conditions of the deal.

Strategic Focus Areas

IT, Telecommunication, Media

Energy & Infrastructure

Transport & Logistic



Innovations, Materials & Surfaces

Real Estate

Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical, Chemistry

Gas & Oil, Mining

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